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Natal Active - empowering women & keeping it fun

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Created by women for women, Natal Active is an active-wear brand designed to make pregnancy fun and comfortable.

Natal Active Charity Support

Intro to Natal Active

Natal Active was founded by Claire Gleave in 2020. After multiple pregnancies spent struggling with uncomfortable sports bras and wearing her husband's old t-shirts, the mother of 3 set out to create a brand for pregnant women and their changing needs.

Natal Active was built for both pregnancy and post-natal activities. With supportive leggings, breastfeeding hoodies, and adaptable bras, Natal Active offers everything you will need for pregnancy and beyond.

Natal Active Values

Supporting Women

Created to help women stay comfortable and active during pregnancy. Natal Active supports women directly with their items - and also through their charitable giving.

Empowering Women

The challenges of life do not pause during pregnancy, so it is important to make sure that women are empowered for the everyday. Whether you are looking to run a marathon or walk the dog - every women's experience is different - but every bit of activity is equally valid.

Keeping it Fun

Motherhood is a special time - but it is not easy. From their products to their social media, Natal Active take all steps to help make your journey as fun as possible.

Natal Active Activewear

Natal Active's Cause Partners


There are many challenges that come with pregnancy. Including a lack of time, general fatigue, and all the physical changes that happen to the body. During the process of becoming a new mother, remembering to check your breasts is often the last thing someone would think about.

Coppafell is a Breast Cancer charity focused on education and the early detection of Breast cancer. Every sports bra from Natal Active has a reminder to 'Cop a Feel', including invaluable information directly from the charity to help you check your breasts properly.

Kicks Count

Unfortunately, 9 babies in the UK are stillborn every day (and it is estimated that one-third of these are preventable).

While there is not a single cause, there are important indicators that are sometimes overlooked. A decrease in fetal movement can be a key warning sign that a baby is in distress - and the incredible organisation Kicks Count work to help raise awareness of these movements.

How to Support

If you would like to support Natal Active and their chosen charities check out their online store. With many products including their Kicks Count wristband, you can help support a great charity. Customers shopping with Natal Active can add a donation to one of the brand's cause partners at checkout.

If you would like to support a charity with your own store, you can do so in only a few minutes with our Shopify App.

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