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Noughty X Prince's Trust - empowering young women

Noughty are on a mission is to provide natural alternatives to premium hair and body products. Noughty goodness filled products are not only eco-friendly but also won't break the bank 💕

The brand uses natural ingredients and engages in business with farmers in some of the most economically disadvantaged communities globally. This choice makes a transformative impact on the future prospects of these communities, creating positive and lasting change 🌍

Noughty X Prince's Trust

Prince's Trust believe that every young person should have the chance to succeed, no matter their background or the challenges they are facing.

They help young people from disadvantaged communities and those facing the greatest adversity by supporting them to build the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn.

Noughty is supporting Prince's Trust Change A Girl's Life initiative and making a meaningful difference for future generations by matching customers' donations with an equal donation. Noughty will match £1 for £1 any donation the customers make with their purchase of up to £500.

Customers can add a donation via product pages


On the Checkout Page

We looooove this!

What an amazing way to show support and commitment to a cause that matters, and perfectly in time for International Women's Day too.

Checkout Noughty & pamper yourself - its guilt free.


Virtue Team


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