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Pineapple Island - Handmade Jewellery that won't cost the Earth

Updated: Jun 4

Pineapple Island makes homemade jewellery and accessories. They provide ethical jewellery with a net positive impact on the planet.

Pineapple Island Trade

About Pineapple Island

Initially born in 2008 after a journey of solo travel and self-discovery. Pineapple Island focused on ethical jewellery and bohemian accessories. With products created in Bali, they cut out the middlemen to ensure that money goes directly into the hands of their artisans.

Pineapple Island Ethics

Pineapple Island has a focus on the planet and its people. This has come through in their sustainability mission:

Sustainable Packaging - Pineapple Island is currently working to transition away from plastic packaging for ECOPLAS (a cassava-based biodegradable material)

Product Materials - They aim to provide a full description of all materials used for each product so customers know where everything comes from.

Parcels - They recycle boxes and reduce waste whenever possible. This can even mean that some boxes you receive will have previously been used!

Carbon Footprint - Based in Bournemouth UK, the team undertake many initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint including cycling to work and transitioning to solar panels for the office.

Ethics - Pineapple Island work with external auditors to ensure that all Ethical Trading standards are met. In addition, all employment is freely chosen and all wages meet the national legal standard alongside fair working hours.

Causes and Charities

There are a number of initiatives and causes that Pineapple Island has supported. Our initial contact with Pineapple Island started back in 2022 when they signed up with Virtue (back when we were Pledger) to support British-Ukrainian Aid. Since then they have supported a number of causes including food redistribution efforts, plastic offsetting, and tree planting.

They also have multiple lines supporting causes that they care about

Pineapple Island x Surfers Against Sewage x Brother's Make

This charity line was developed in collaboration with Surfers Against Sewage and Brother's Make. Using 100% recycled plastics, this line promotes a circular economy with 50% of proceeds supporting Surfers Against Sewage - a great charity working to raise awareness and support the fight for our oceans.

Pineapple Island X Just Like Us

Supporting Pride in 2023, Pineapple Island also has a collection with 20% of net profits supporting Just Like Us. Just Like Us is an LGBTQ+ charity promoting inclusion and tackling anti-LGBTQ+ bullying.

Check our Pineapple Island

If you would like to some great products made in Bali check out their website. Or feel free to follow them on their social channels, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok


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