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Product Release Notes 17th June 2021

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Hello community,

We made a few key changes and added new features to the mix. In summary, causes can now be affiliated with collections, donation payout minimum went down to 20GBP and donations are to be transferred manually for some Charity partners. Read on for details.

NEW FEATURE Causes can now be affiliated to specific collections

You can give to a specific cause from a specific collection or collections for up to 3 causes. and an unlimited number of collections.

This means that, for example, you can give to an environmental Charity from your eco line and a social charity from one or more other collections.

Here is how to do this:

1. Select all of the Causes that you want to donate to on Causes screen

2. Head to 'Product' screen

3. Select ' Pledge to my causes on specific collections in my store'

4. Click on 'Advanced' -> Each collection has a different cause -> SAVE

5. Now choose collections by ticking the box next to each collection you choose and causes to affiliate each collection to from the drop-down and click SAVE again.

How to set this up video below:

The donation payout minimum went down from 100GBP to 20GBP

Donations will now be required to go to Charities on the 20th of the month when at least 20GBP donation amount has been reached.

Manual vs automated donation payouts

There are two types of donation payouts - manual and automated. Manual payouts are made to Charities via their website. You will be led to the right page on their site to make a donation and prompted to upload a receipt or a screenshot as proof that the donation has been made. Pledger %ge, if applicable, will, however, go to Pledger automatically.

Automated donations will come out of your account and to your Charity automatically. They will safely reach your Charity via Stripe Connect, more on that here. Pledger %ge will go to Pledger automatically, if applicable.

Not all of our Charities have a Stripe Connect account and while we are working hard to automate all donations, we did not want this to be a blocker for you or our Charity partners. This is why we are currently allowing manual donations.

Please note that as per Charities Commission regulation. a legal agreement called CPA is created between stores and Causes on go live. The Agreement required that stores are to settle manual and automated donations with partner Charities.

That's it for now! We'll have more exciting updates coming your way shortly.

If you are enjoying Pledger App - that's super news! We are new and we appreciate your good feels - they make us work harder. Let other merchants know about your experience by Writing a Review bottom of the page here.

And if there is anything we can help with - we'd love to do that - please email support@pledger,co

Talk soon,

Pledger Team


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