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Saberzone - Igniting the Mind

Hello There .... Saberzone was created by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans. Not only do they create custom lightsabers but they also support some great charitable initiatives

Saberzone Lightsabers

About Saberzone

Saberzone was created for Star Wars enthusiasts who wanted to get closer to the action they loved on the screen. The founders of the company were committed to providing an excellent experience and set out to create some high-quality props to help bridge the gap between reality and fantasy.

Since their inception, they have gained over 38,000 verified fans (from across the galaxy)!

Saberzone Charitable Giving

While there is a clear passion for their products, there is another cause that is important to the team. Motivated by a personal connection to the disease - Saberzone are supporting Alzheimer's Society With every lightsaber, Saberzone is not only helping to fight the disease, but they are also helping to honour the legacy of those impacted.

Fundraising for Alzheimers Society

Alzheimer's Society was founded in 1979 and their mission is to provide assistance and care to individuals living with dementia including their families and caregivers. Through a number of services including awareness campaigns, research funding, and support groups, Alzheimer's Society is working to help everyone to live with dignity.

How Saberzone is Supporting

With the sale of every lightsabre on their website, Saberzone is donating 1% of all proceeds to charity. Purchase a replica or even design your own.

Build your own lightsaber

Check our Saberzone

If you would like to purchase a lightsaber and support a great cause check out Saberzone's website here. Or, feel free to follow the on Instagram


Donate from your Store

If you are an online brand and would like to give back, check out our Integrations and start making a difference today.

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