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Fresh release: Shopper Engagement Metrics - understand campaign performance🔥

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Hot news - Virtue Shopper Engagement analytics are out and available via the Dashboard. This means merchants can see how customers and site visitors are engaging with Impact Campaigns - from viewing cause content to selecting causes and adding contributions.

Here is all about what data is available to you, what these metrics mean and practical tips on getting your engagement 🔺🔺🔺

Before we dive in - all Dashboards can be filtered by your Campaign Type and Time Period

See how many customers and site visitor enhedged with your Virtue campaign.

Widget clicks is a count of shoppers who interacted with your Virtue widgets by clicking on Learn More, picking a cause or adding a contribution to their purchase.

🔺Keep shoppers engaged in your campaign and excited about the positive impact their purchase is making by adding Virtue Product Page Banner, Impact tracking and Post-purchase messaging to your store.

Selected a cause (multi-cause campaigns only) this is the count of shoppers that picked which cause they want the store to support from their order OR added a contribution to a chosen cause

💡Want to see which causes shoppers care most about? Try adding multiple causes to your store and letting shoppers pick which cause they want to support.

Added a donation to cart (customer giving enabled) these are shoppers who added a donation to cart.

Donation with order (customer giving enabled) these shoppers made a contribution to a cause with their order

💕Make even more impact for your causes by enabling Customer Giving at cart, Checkout (Shopify+) or Post Purchase. A study by The Giving Institute found that checkout donations can increase conversion rates by up to 2%.!!

Opened post purchase email these are customers that opened Virtue donation confirmation email and saw store and/or customer donation that was added to the order and it's impact.

💯Engage with shoppers post purchase and allow them to feel the positive impact of their purchase by activating Virtue Post Purchase emails.

See total that went to your causes for selected campaigns and time period and the impact your store and customers generated.

%ge Orders with Donation means %ge of all orders that have store and/or customer giving as a part of the order.

💸Increase Donation volumes by letting customers know about your campaign on the store-front and via off-site marketing. Customers are excited to support great causes and brands with impact when they are aware of the positive impact they help generate.

Add customer giving to make more impact without impacting product margins.

See Average Order Value in your store before and during your Impact Campaign. These numbers are calculated as a rolling average. Customer Donations are excluded from the average.

🔺Want to use giving to incentivise sales instead of or as well as discounting? Try The Upsell with Giving Campaign - the more the customer spends, the most the store gives to a cause.

That's it for now! In case you missed it - some Virtue analytics are in BETA. This means we are still working on perfecting the experience. If you want to share feedback or notice something that doesn't look quite right - let us know and we'll look into it pronto -

Enjoy selling with impact!

Virtue team


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