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Spaniel Aid UK: Charity Profile

Spaniel Aid UK Charity

What is a Spaniel

spaniels hunting dog
A 16th century hawking party with spaniels

The Spaniel is a beloved dog breed known for their floppy ears and their happy-go-lucky temperament.

Their excellent sense of smell and innate ability to locate and flush out game has made them excellent hunting companions over the centuries. The name is thought to be a derivative of the word 'Spanish'.

Today they are a very popular breed for families due to their affectionate and social personalities. There are many types of spaniels each with their own unique characteristics and traits.

How Spaniel Aid UK started

Spaniel Aid UK was initially founded by a passionate group of spaniel owners who were concerned about the high number of spaniels being abandoned or mistreated within their homes.

The movement initially started on a small scale relying on the personal networks and resources of the founding members. However, as demand grew so did the organisation eventually becoming a registered charity in the UK (Charity number: 1169724).

Spaniel Aid UK Impact

Spaniel Aid UK is a charity focused on the ethical surrender, adoption, and rescue of Spaniels in the UK. After the dogs are rescued they are treated for any needs (medical or otherwise) that they might have. Then they are placed in a verified foster home while the organisation for a forever home for the pup.

To date, Spaniel Aid UK has successfully rehomed over 1,000 Spaniels, providing them with safe, loving, and permanent homes.

Dog Surrender

With the challenges of life, there are many instances when pet owners are unable to provide adequate care. In this case, it is often required for a 3rd party organisation to accept the dogs. This can be incredibly difficult, not only for people but for the dogs themselves.

Surrendered pups must go through the formal surrender process providing information on their history, behaviours, and medical needs.

After the evaluation, the organisation provides any necessary veterinary care and places a dog into a foster home as it waits for adoption. The robust process ensures that the dogs are taken care of through the traumatic experience of being removed from their family

Adopting Dogs

After a dog is taken into their care, there are a lot of steps taken to ensure dogs are relocated into the right forever home.

Given the risks of bringing a dog into a new house and the social nature of the breed, there are a few hard rules Spaniel Aid UK has in place for future homes:

  • Owners must not be out of the house for more than 4 hours per day

  • Homes must already have a dog in the house

  • No children in the house under 5

How you can support Spaniel Aid UK

Adopt a Dog

The overarching goal of Spaniel Aid UK is to help relocate dogs into loving forever homes. The best way to help make that happen is to bring a dog into your home.

For homes looking to adopt, they have an online application process and a list of all the dogs currently up for adoption.

Foster a Dog

After the dogs have been taken into the custody of Spaniel Aid UK, foster homes are needed to care for the dogs until their permanent homes can be found.

There is an online application for anyone looking to become a foster home for Spaniel Aid UK.


To house, treat, and feed the docs in care, the organisation is in need of donations in the form of food, supplies, and of course money.

If you would like to donate directly to Spaniel Aid UK check out their donate page.

Shop in their Online Store

Spaniel Aid UK have their own online store with proceeds directly supporting its work.

Sponsor a dog

Unfortunately, not every dog can find a permanent home. In the case of Bentley, multiple homes and parents tried to bring him in but unfortunately, it has never been a good fit.

Instead, he is a permanent resident of Halesgarth Cattery and Kennels, where Spaniel Aid UK will be paying for his needs.

Spaniel Aid UK Sponsor a Dog
Dont be fooled by the black and white picture ... he has a great time running around the many acres in the facility

Fundraising with Virtue

If you have an online business and would like to fundraise for the cause check out our e-commerce integrations.

eComemerce fundraising Spaniel Aid UK


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