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8 Best Sustainable Marketing Agencies

Updated: Feb 2

Sustainable marketing agencies

Source - eos Marketing

What is a Sustainable Marketing Agency?

Marketing agencies support with a variety of services including:

  • Brand strategy

  • Digital marketing and communications

  • Content marketing

  • Public relations

  • Measurement and evaluation

What sets sustainable marketing agencies apart from the competition is a combination of how they deliver these services and who they deliver these services to. This means; promoting sustainability within their own companies, only working with brands committed to sustainability, and delivering a transparent and sustainable service.

Here are a few Sustainable Marketing Agencies

Footprint Digital

Footprint Digital Sustainable Marketing Agency

Services: Services: SEO, PPC, CRO, Site Build & Migration Support, Digital Marketing Auditing, Digital Carbon Footprint Auditing, Analytics and Digital Marketing training

Founded in 2011, the team at Footprint Digital set out to change the way businesses do digital with a focus on helping brands to grow while reducing their digital carbon footprint.

Having worked with many organizations including the NHS, Oxfam and the Department for International Trade. They are an agency choice for businesses and non-profits alike.


Bushy Ethical Marketing Agency

Services: Funnel strategy, email marketing

Bushy works with socially and environmentally conscious brands across the world. Experts in eCommerce funnel strategy and email marketing, they work with their clients to deliver ethical profits to ethical businesses.

Growth Animals

Services: Marketing strategy, branding and communications, digital marketing, sustainable web design

Growth Animals is on a mission to clean up marketing and put ethics right at the forefront of the industry. Founders Chris and Jen created Growth Animals after 15 years of working with brands like Carlsberg and Issey Miyake.

Growth Animals are carbon-negative businesses with a pending B-corp, they also work with and volunteer for charities that align with their values.

Dandelion Branding

Dandelion Branding Sustainable Marketing Agency

Services: Brand and holistic marketing strategy, UX experience audit, website updating service, content marketing

Dandelion Branding is a women-owned and operated sustainable marketing agency.

They are 1% for the planet members and focus on using sustainable marketing techniques that are both friendlier to the planet and manageable long term.

Their mission is to have a positive social and environmental impact by organically growing brands, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises that are dedicated to creating resilient change in the world.


Growroom Sustainable Marketing Agency

Services: SEO, PPC, CRO, Web Design, Data & Research, Digital Strategy, Performance and Optimisation

The Agency was founded in 2022 by Will and Saw - a dynamic duo focused on helping responsible clients grow sustainably with case studies boasting a 560% increase in organic enquiries and 155% increases in revenue using Google Ads.

GrowRoom is also a member of 1% for the planet donating 1% of all revenue to environmental causes. They're currently supporting tree planting initiatives with Eden Reforestation.

Climbing Trees

Climbing Trees Sustainable Marketing Agency

Services: Organic, Paid, Strategy

Climbing Trees is a B-Corp Certified agency on a mission to prove that digital marketing can (and should be) ethical. They have worked with a number of great brands and charities including Greenpeace UK, Greenline Environmental, and Orangutan SOS.

They also practice what they preach by using 100% renewable energy in their offices and having planted over 250,000 trees with Ecologi and Tree-Nation

Floom Creative

Floom Creative Sustainable Marketing Agency

Services: PPC, Copywriting, Paid Social Advertising, SEO

Floom is focused on helping businesses to make a positive impact. They work with brands to implement creative strategies focused on ethical narratives.

Floom has also undertaken several initiatives to show its commitment to sustainability. Along with their current assessment for B-Corp, they also plant trees with ecologi, utilize renewable energy hosting, donate a %age of revenue into carbon capture technologies, are a member of CLean Creatives, and their staff have also undertaken Albert production and editorial sustainable training


enviral Sustainable Marketing Agency

Services: Branding, Content, Digital Advertisement, PR, PPC, Email Marketing, Sustainability Strategy

enviral is a purpose-driven agency helping organisations to communicate their social and environmental stories. They have worked with some great brands and charities including Greenpeace and Surfers Against Sewage.

enviral also have their own environmental policy that they adhere to. They use 100% renewable electricity, and plant trees for every newsletter sign up (sign up here).



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