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The Humanitarian Crisis In Ukraine

Updated: May 8, 2022

Wars and international conflicts leave a trail of mass destruction, fractured economies, grieving families, and bloodshed. As the conflict rages on, many charities are doing what they can to support those in need.

Ukraine War Protest
Photo by Matti from Pexels

The Situation

According to the estimates of UNHCR- The UN Refugee Agency, there are 84 million displaced people worldwide. By the middle of 2021, the number passed the count of 84 million. Out of this, 26.6 million are refugees.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has similarly caused thousands of families to be displaced from their hometowns and an estimated 2 million refugees.

The widespread military invasion has prompted many women and children to flee their homes in search of a protected place.

Photo by asim alnamat from Pexels

Amidst the crisis, Europe (Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, and Finland) and other countries (like Canada and the US) stand in solidarity with Ukraine, and have provided aid in terms of weapons, donations, and shelter to refugees.

Charities Working To Support

Thankfully, there are a number of charities that are well-positioned to support those in need when conflict arises.

British-Ukrainian Aid

Assisting those who have been impacted including; the injured, orphaned, and disadvantaged.

British-Ukrainian Aid Volunteers
Photo by Artūras Kokorevas from Pexels

An organization aiming at positive impact in Ukraine and other areas hit by war

  • Offering care and emotional support to vulnerable groups

  • Running Sponsor a Ukrainian Child programme that promotes the future of children traumatized by war

  • Funding construction work to house refugees

  • Spreading awareness about Ukrainian history, conflicts, and problems

  • Providing medical care to victims of war

  • Providing humanitarian support

  • Creating programs on social adaptation

  • Managing medical aid, critical supplies, transportation services through the donations

  • Discussing Ukrainian history and culture through presentations and discussions to promote awareness

You can donate directly to the charity here.

The British Red Cross

Helping anyone, anywhere in the UK and around the world, get the support they need if crisis strikes

British Red Cross Volunteer
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Mobilising the power of humanity so that individuals and communities can prepare for, deal with and recover from a crisis

  • British Red Cross is based on seven principles; humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.

  • Working in conflict zones like Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen to support refugees and other victims

  • Have volunteers in 191 countries who are helping those in crisis

  • Following international humanitarian law to help people recover from traumas of war/conflict

  • Providing food, shelter, and emotional support to people

  • Collecting donations to build houses, toilets and other infrastructure for victims of natural calamities

British Red Cross - Ukraine Aid

  • Collaborating with Ukrainian Red Cross Society to cater to the needs of people suffering due to conflicts

  • Providing food, shelter and warm clothes to people

  • Educating families about international humanitarian law

  • Helping in the repair of water lines

  • Aiding medical institutions with medical supplies

  • Helping at blood donation points

  • Reporting and taking people to the hospital

British Red Cross is making fervent efforts to assuage the trauma and loss of Ukrainian people by collecting donations and creating structured plans for aid.

You can donate directly to the charity here.


Mobilize political will and material resources to ensure the survival, protection and development of children across the world

Children Redugees UNICEF
Photo by Khaled Akacha from Pexels

Ensuring special protection for the most disadvantaged children worldwide

  • UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund strive to provide support and aid to children suffering from homelessness, poverty, and conflicts of war.

  • They aim to provide education, food, vaccines, and protection to children. To protect children’s rights, UNICEF works closely with the most disadvantaged set of children, reaching whom can be extremely difficult.

  • UNICEF is now working to aid children’s life in Ukraine, as the entire child population in the country are at high risk, says their data. Lack of hospitals, educational institutions, homes and spaces for shelter, the lives of 7.4 million children are in danger. Without proper food, water and sleep, thousands of people are at the point of utter exhaustion or even death.

UNICEF in Ukraine

  • Providing clean water and food to save lives

  • Sending life-saving supplies to medical institutions

  • Determining the refugee situation in collaboration with neighbouring countries

  • Delivering Blue Dot safe spaces to provide care, emotional support, mental healthcare, psychological support, counselling, sanitation and clean essentials to women and children

  • Working to ensure that child protection services continue

UNICEF is also collecting monetary donations for supporting child refugees from Ukraine.

You can donate directly to the charity here.

After the first 12 months, these donations will go to UNICEF’s Children’s Emergency Fund to aid children caught in desperate situations of war and brutal conflict throughout the world. UNICEF works with children from 190 countries and indulges in huge charity fundraising to solve the purpose.

Border Discrimination - Go Fund Me

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has also flagged issues of racism and discrimination against Africans and Asians trying to flee Ukraine during the war. It was reported in The Independent that the foreigners who succeeded in fleeing the war scene helped others to evacuate the country. It stated, “jarred by discriminatory treatment and left to evacuate themselves from Ukraine, people from African, Asian and Latin American countries who succeed in getting out are forming impromptu networks are helping thousands of others hoping to flee”.

Students trying to escape the country reported xenophobia and violent treatments at the border with Poland. Threats and abusive treatment are what met them at the point of national crisis. Many African and Asian students spent days in freezing temperatures without food, water, and essentials due to the discriminatory attitudes of the officials at the border.

While we could not find any charities to support that are directly aiding, there are a number of Go Fund Me Pages available where you can donate directly:


Charities and NGOs are working day and night to attend to the basic needs of people through donations, food, water and other essentials. Pledger stands in solidarity with the people stranded in Ukraine and urges the community to donate as much as possible.

If you are a growing retailer, form long-term partnerships with these noble causes via Pledger. To learn more about our integrating services, visit or have a look at the Pledger Giving App.

Make a difference with what you can; give and grow.


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