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Tippaws - Taking Care of Cats on and off the Streets

Updated: Mar 8

Tippaws Cat Food

About tippaws

Tippaws was founded by Rachel and her two British Shorthairs, Gus and Masie. Beyond providing high quality food and supplies to cat lovers. They have also made it their mission to give back and support the over 250,000 urban stray cats in the UK.

How is Tippaws giving back?

Tippaws give a portion of all sales towards some animal rescue initiatives with a focus on smaller grassroots organisations that otherwise might find it difficult to receive funding.

Q and A with tippaws

What are the values of tippaws

We value quality, simplicity, integrity and caring for cats. Tippaws is built with the mentality that purpose and profit go hand in hand - a business can't make a purpose lead difference at scale without being profitable. As we grow, we'll be able to support more and more cat rescues - our goal is to eventually start a Tippaws foundation that will fund projects at cat rescues up and down the country.

Why is it important that tippaws give back?

In the UK there is an unprecedented stray cat crisis, exasperated by covid and the cost of living crisis. Small cat rescues are completely overwhelmed with sick and unwanted cats, and with the cost of vet bills, food and litter sky rocketing, they are finding it hard to keep their head above water. The work they do is incredibly important and so we want to support them in three ways: financially, providing food and litter at a discount and by volunteering our time.

What organisations are you supporting and why?

We currently support Stray Cat Rescue, Yorkshire Cat Rescue and Protected Paws. We support these charities as they are spread across the UK so we can have the greatest impact possible. The folks behind these rescues are completely obsessed with cat welfare and go above and beyond to help cats in need on a daily basis.

Check our tippaws

If you would like to some meowth watering cat food ( couldn't help it) and support a great cause check out tippaw's shop here. Or, feel free to follow them on Instagram


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