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Virtue X Klaviyo - engage customers with your impact message

Connect Virtue to Klaviyo - let customers see and feel the positive impact of their order with post-purchase messaging.

Engaging your customers with the impact that their purchase has made is key to running a successful giving campaign. Connecting Virtue with Klaviyo makes this easier than ever!

Merchants using Virtue and Klaviyo can:

  • Share with shoppers the impact / donation raised with their purchase

  • Update customers on the total giving / impact generated by the store's giving campaign

  • Share the total giving and impact from all of individual customer's orders.

Make an impact from sales in your online store by supporting good causes. Choose from over 40,000 Charities and causes on Virtue. Go live in minutes! Check out Virtue eCommerce App for for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento!


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