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Does your business need a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) to support UK Charities?

Updated: May 13

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Commercial participation agreements

Does your company need a Commercial Participation Agreements (CPA) to fundraise for a UK Charity?

Commercial Participation Agreements (CPAs) are crucial instruments that facilitate collaboration between businesses and charities in offline and online fundraising activities. These agreements provide a structured framework to prevent misunderstandings and ensure alignment among the parties involved.

Fundraising initiatives conducted without a CPA may suffer from unclear methods, timelines, and financial goals, resulting in ambiguity. Formalizing the collaboration with a CPA allows both the business and the charity to explicitly define their roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

A CPA is a legally enforceable document that delineates the terms and conditions governing the fundraising partnership. This agreement serves to establish clarity, accountability, and compliance with applicable regulations.

What is a CPA?

A CPA is a crucial tool that establishes the framework for your fundraising solutions. It typically includes:

  • Charity Details: Clearly specify the beneficiary charity or charities.

  • Fundraising Details: Outlines the methods and timeframe for raising funds.

  • Fundraising Target: Sets a realistic goal for the amount of funds to be raised, along with a deadline for payment.

Challenges Faced by SMEs and Startups

Creating Commercial Participation Agreements (CPAs) can pose challenges for small businesses due to the time-consuming nature and legal expertise required for compliance. Additionally, many charities have significant minimum donation requirements, which may limit participation by smaller businesses.

What is a CPA?

Benefits of partnering with Charities

Engaging in charitable initiatives provides several benefits for small businesses:

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness and Positive Publicity: Partnering with a respected charity can garner positive press and boost your brand's reputation in the community.

  • Attraction of New Customers: Consumers are drawn to businesses that share their values. Supporting a charity can attract customers passionate about the cause.

  • Potential Tax Benefits: Charitable donations may offer tax benefits depending on your location. Consult a tax advisor for specific details applicable to your business.

  • Boost in Employee Morale: Involvement in charitable endeavors can uplift employee morale and foster a positive workplace environment.

By leveraging CPAs and participating in charitable activities, small businesses can not only contribute to meaningful causes but also utilize these benefits to strengthen their market presence and community connections.

Automated Fundraising Compliance

Supporting charities through corporate social responsibility initiatives has become more accessible than ever for businesses, thanks to the availability of convenient tools and services that streamline the fundraising compliance process and in some cases generating CPAs directly within charity CRM solution.


Virtue fuels charitable giving among businesses, Virtue sparks virtue by simplifying the donation process. Companies can seamlessly champion causes they believe in, boosting brand loyalty by engaging customers in their philanthropic efforts. Meanwhile, charities benefit from impactful support with minimal effort.

Work for Good

Work for Good CPAs

Work for Good specializes in forging partnerships between businesses and charities, providing a streamlined approach that integrates charitable giving into company operations. This mutually beneficial setup allows businesses to support causes aligned with their values, while charities receive sustainable funding.

PayPal Giving Fund


PayPal Giving Fund fosters collaboration between donors and charities through its platform, simplifying the donation process for individuals who want to support meaningful causes. Donors can contribute with confidence, knowing that charities receive donations without fees, facilitating impactful support for important initiatives.

Note: Virtue is a tech partner of the PayPal Giving Fund. This means that businesses and charities using Virtue benefit from the PPGF agreements and the technology of Virtue!


Virtue is an easy to set up fundraising platform for brands looking to give back and make an impact. Get in touch to find out more about how your Charity make make the most out of SME giving -


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