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10 Best Wildlife Charities to Support

Best Wildlife Charities

Why are Wildlife Charities Important?

From regal snow leopards to the playful antics of pandas, global wildlife faces an array of challenges, including habitat loss, climate shifts, poaching, and an expanding human presence. A disheartening statistic underscores the urgency: a staggering one million species stand on the brink of extinction, a threat looming within decades. In this disconcerting scenario, the steadfast commitment of wildlife charities shines bright, dedicated to safeguarding and revitalizing the intricate tapestry of life. These champions not only provide essential care for individual animals but also address root causes like habitat depletion and unsustainable practices, envisioning a future where our planetary companions flourish.

For businesses aiming to forge meaningful connections with customers and make a lasting impact on the environment, supporting wildlife charities emerges as a potent avenue. Consider it an extension of your brand values, a tangible showcase of your dedication to social responsibility and environmental stewardship. The great news? There's an ideal match for every business!

Find the best charity to support

Businesses Supporting Wildlife Charities

In 2023, Dr Bronners celebrated 10 years of fighting for animals. The ethical soap brand has been giving back for a decade doing everything from sponsoring an anti-whaling ship for Sea Shepherd to funding for the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. You can read about their 10-year impact here.

Dr Bronnors Wildlife Support

Wildlife Awareness Days

For businesses looking to support a Wildlife charity, there is never a better time than now. However, there are some specific awareness events dedicated to supporting wildlife including; World Wildlife Day, World Wildlife Day, and World Rainforest Day.

Here are a few of the best Wildlife charities to support:

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

WWF Wildlife Charity

The WWF was founded in 1961 - and has since grown into a massive force for good working in over 100 countries globally. Their mission is to champion the coexistence between humans and nature. They support through several ways from safeguarding endangered species to combatting climate change.

Impact: To date, the WWF has secured protection for over 5,000,000 km2 of animal habitat.

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Wildlife Conservation Society Charity

Dating back to 1895, this New York-based entity safeguards species and ecosystems across 60 countries through scientific endeavours, conservation actions, and public education. WCS empowers local communities to become guardians of their lands, protecting iconic species such as polar bears, elephants, and gorillas.

Impact: Their Bronx Zoo's Madagascar program has shielded over 125,000 acres of rainforest and doubled the population of critically endangered lemurs.

The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts Charity

Operating in the UK since 1946, this federation of 46 independent trusts focuses on protecting and restoring wildlife and wild spaces across the nation. From managing nature reserves to advocating for wildlife-friendly policies, their initiatives safeguard diverse species from soaring red kites to elusive pine martens.

Impact: In 2022 alone, they restored over 500 hectares of wetland habitat, creating vital havens for numerous species.

Born Free Foundation

Born Free Wildlife Charity

Established in 1984 by Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers, this global organization advocates for wild animal welfare and habitat preservation. Born Free works tirelessly to end captive breeding and exploitation, protect endangered species like lions and gorillas, and empower local communities for sustainable wildlife management.

Impact: The Born Free Foundation have secured protected status for over 2 million hectares of African savanna, safeguarding myriad species.

African Wildlife Foundation

African Wildlife Foundation Charity

Since 1961, this US-based organization has been active in 15 African countries, focusing on wildlife and wilderness protection. From combating the illegal wildlife trade to promoting community-based conservation, AWF empowers local communities to be stewards of their environment.

Impact: AWF's efforts with rhinos have contributed to a population increase in crucial areas, offering hope for this endangered species.

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

International Fund for Animal Welfare Charity

Established in 1969, this global entity rescues and protects animals globally, combating animal cruelty and habitat destruction. IFAW addresses a spectrum of issues, from rescuing stranded marine mammals to battling the poaching of elephants and tigers.

Impact: In 2022 alone, they aided over 50,000 animals in need, providing essential care and advocating for their protection.

Conservation International (CI)

Conservation International Charity

Founded in 1987 in the US, CI collaborates with governments, communities, and businesses to safeguard critical ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots worldwide. CI emphasizes innovative solutions like sustainable land management and carbon finance, ensuring both environmental and economic benefits for local communities.

Impact: Notably, their efforts in the Brazilian Amazon have protected over 30 million hectares of rainforest, mitigating climate change and safeguarding numerous species.


Panthera Charity

Panthera is an animal conservation charity focused on supporting wildcats. Founded in 2003, Panthera supports everything from lions and tigers to jaguars and leopards. They focus on the major threats to wildcat habitat loss.

Impact: To date, they have secured protected status to over 4 million hectares of habitat

Defenders of Wildlife

This US-based charity was founded in 1947 with a focus on the protection of native wild species (plants and animals included). They focus on policy change, public education, and boots-on-the-ground efforts to help save all native species from bears to butterflies.

Impact: Defenders of Wildlife worked to secure over 10 million acres of animal habitat in 2022 alone

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd Charity

Established in 1971, this international organization defends marine wildlife and ecosystems through direct action and public education. Sea Shepherd takes to the seas to combat illegal fishing, whaling, and other threats to marine life, tirelessly working to protect iconic species like whales, dolphins, and sharks.

Impact: In 2022, their ship campaigns protected over 200 whales from illegal hunting, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to ocean conservation.

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I would suggest Endangered Species International, 4 star rating at Charity Navigator and Platinum Level at GuideStar. Most of the NGOs above don't have such a great ratings.

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