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Wilfreds X GOSH collaboration

Updated: Jun 4

Wilfreds of Cambridge

Background on Wilfreds

Wilfreds of Cambridge is a charming confectionery store nestled in the vibrant heart of Cambridge, United Kingdom. With a legacy spanning approximately ten years, this family-operated establishment evokes a sense of nostalgia through its diverse array of vintage sweets. Catering to all tastes, from timeless classics to contemporary delights, Wilfreds even offers sugar-free alternatives to accommodate various preferences.

What sets them apart is the heartfelt narrative behind their name. The establishment pays homage to the proprietor's grandson, Wilfred, who graced the world with his presence despite being born with a rare medical condition. This endearing anecdote underscores the significance of familial bonds and resilience.

Wilfreds x GOSH

GOSH, which stands for Great Ormond Street Hospital, is a distinguished pediatric medical facility situated in London. Over the years, it has garnered acclaim for its outstanding healthcare services tailored to the needs of critically ill children.

GOSH Charity Hospital

Donating from Sales

WIlfreds is donating 5% from each sale in benefit of GOSH using Virtue's Shopify store donation feature.

Wilfreds charity donations

Customer Donations

Customers of Wilfred's online store also have the ability to leave a donation as part of the checkout process using Virtue's Shopify checkout donation feature.

Shopify Checkout Donations

Customer checkout donations for GOSH


If you're looking to let your customers give back - check out Virtue's eCommerce integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Adobe.

eCommerce charity fundraising app

1 Comment

Ah thank you for featuring us in your blog!! We are so grateful to have your functionality to hand to raise funds for GOSH. What that wondrous place has only done for my dear nephew (& thousands of children in difficult predicaments) Thanks again! BW, Tim (Head honcho | Doting Uncle)

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