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Your widgets just got a new look + more customisations

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

We super excited to take Virtue store widgets to new and next level, as well as enable greater customisation capabilities for your store.

Let's get straight into it!

Product Page banners - can be added anywhere on Shopify 2.0

Store Giving

Giving amount displayed on the widget

Shopify 2.0 can add this banner anywhere on the site

Upsell with impact

Tell your shoppers how much they need to spend to reach a giving milestone.

Learn more

Shoppers can learn much more about your store's giving by clicking Learn More

Post-purchase experience

Store Giving + Upsell with Impact

Leave your customers feeling great about their purchase and celebrate the impact that you made together

Customising widgets

Pick from our theme or create your own experience via Promote Screen in the App

In Shopify 2.0 click on the widget you want to customise. Select one of our themes or 'Custom Style' to create your own experience

Email shoppers about their impact

Tell shoppers about the impact that you made together with a post-purchase email more here. Activate via Promote Screen.

Enjoy the new look and keep an eye on customisations options - we are adding more themes!

If you want to chat about this release or anything else email

Happy selling with impact!

Virtue Team


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