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Flexi pricing options

​We believe that giving back should be easy for brands of all shapes and sizes. That's where flexi pricing comes in.


Add Customer Giving as an add on for $11 p/m

Pick a plan that best suits your store

Current prices shown in USD

First 10 orders free for 14 days*

Pay as you give


on all orders with giving

Pay per order with giving

Great for new brands starting their giving journey


Store giving

Support 1-3 causes

Switch causes at any time

Product page banners

Post purchase giving confirmation

Give from all products in your store


Add Customer Giving as an add on for $11 p/m


Giving data


Access to Virtue Knowledge Base

Email support 1 - 2 day response

Chat support M - F

First 10 orders free for 14 days*

Impact Plus


per month

100 orders with giving per month

$0.18 per additional order

Brands looking for more customisations and shopper engagement features


Everything in Pay as you give, and

Set different causes to product collections

Set different giving amounts to collections

Customer giving pre-purchase

Round ups and donation matching

Customise the look and feel of your widgets

Impact Calculator

Multi-language support

Multi currency support


Add Shopify POS as an add on for $12 p/m


Giving data

Customer engagement


Access to our Knowledge Base

 Email support - same day response

Chat Support M - F

First 10 orders free for 14 days*

Impact Unlimited


per month

2000 orders with giving per month

$0.12 per additional order

For established brands looking for deeper customisations and support


Everything in Impact Plus, and

 Set different causes to individual products

Set different giving amounts to individual products

Customer giving: post-purchase, Checkout (Shopify+ only)

Edit cause content*

Shopify POS integration

Klaviyo integration


Remove Virtue branding for $25 p/m


Giving data

Customer engagement

Commercial metrics


Access to our Knowledge Base

 Email support - same day response

Chat Support M - F

Dedicated account manager to support with your campaigns

*Subject to the Cause's approval

* Before the end of your 14 day trial, If you reach 10 orders with giving your subscription will immediately start.

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Need something special? We'd love to help you create the perfect giving experience for your store. Get in touch about additional customizations and onboarding multi-store stores or locations. 

Get in touch by emailing

If you signed up to Virtue before November 2023 refer to pricing on your in-App subscription page

Get content

So you skipped the line and got to instantly support causes with Virtue. Amazing! What's next? It's time to share your giving story with the world. When you support selected causes get additional visual assets and copy to share about your impact on your social, email and blog. Sounds good? Shoppers love knowing when brands they buy from not only make great products, but also a positive impact on the world.

Donate to Charities & Causes from sales

Looking to make an impact by supporting causes that matter? Or better yet - empower shoppers to make a difference when they purchase from your store. Choose from 20,000 Causes like Crisis, FareShare, Seven Clean Seas, Blue Cross and many others making a difference in UK and Globally

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Cap your monthly giving


Set a monthly limit

When you set a monthly cap your total monthly giving will not exceed the amount you set.


Change your cap

Change your cap at any time by decreasing or increasing monthly giving.


Is there a minimum giving amount?

There is currently no minimum required to start making an impact with Virtue by donating to support Causes and Charities from product sales.

How does the trial work?

Stores get 10 orders with giving for 14 days as a trial on Virtue Plans. This gives stores an opportunity to test out features and the look and feel of the widgets. Once 10 orders with giving are up - subscription you chose gets activated. If you don't reach 10 orders, your subscription will start in 14 days post activation. You can change your subscription at any time and there will be an email going your way before the trial orders are up.

Are there any fees associated with my donation?

There are a few fees you should know about. When Customer Donations widget is activated, the standard eCommerce payment provider %ge of the sale fee is subtracted from the final donation, this fee depends on the Shopify/WooCommerce plan that the store is on and which payment provider the customer used during purchase. Fixed fees (applicable to post-purchase donations only) associated with the sale are covered by the store. 

Giving to over 40,000 of Virtue's Charities is done via the PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF), PPGF receives donations and grants the donated funds to the recommended charities. Your donation is subject to a PayPal processing fees of 1.4% + 20p.


Other donation transfer methods available via Virtue do not result in additional fees. Get in touch to find out how your chosen Charities choose to receive donations.

Can I change donation amounts as I go?

Absolutely. Stores can change giving preferences and increase / decrease the monthly cap as they go. The new preferences you set will be applied to future giving. Historical donations will not be affected by new settings

Does Virtue charge the Cause / Charity?

No, we don't charge the Cause any fees. Virtue subscription fee is completely separate from the donation and is covered by the stores.
We want to be able to generate as much impact as possible for your causes.

Contact Us!

We can't wait to hear from you

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