Be a part of bringing extraordinary art to people recovering in NHS mental health hospitals. 

Hospital Rooms was co-founded by artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White after a close friend was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and the environment she stayed in was cold, clinical and not conducive to recovery. They undertook extensive research and found that this personal experience was in fact a wide spread need. During previous projects, patients have described these mental health environments as being ‘like prison’, ‘horrible’, ‘hostile’ or ‘like being in a vacuum’. Hospital Rooms exists to create beautiful and inventive spaces for these patients to recover in.





Carl Rowe, 'BE', Northside House, Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Courtesy Hospital Rooms. Photography Damian Griffiths

Hospital Rooms commission world class artists to work with mental health patients and staff to radically transform locked and secure mental health units with museum quality art that is safe for often high risk environments. This ultimately makes challenging clinical spaces imaginative, thoughtful and rejuvenated.







Mark Titchner, 'Please Belive', Bluebell Lodge, Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust. Courtesy Hospital Rooms. Photography Damian Griffiths


“The new design is changing the way we all live our lives on the ward.

The art has given us all a new way to start conversations with each other and things already seem so much better.”

Service user, Phoenix Unit, Springfield Hospital

By supporting Hospital Rooms, you are helping create stunning and unique spaces for recovery and healing. We are stoked to enable Pledger merchants to partner with Hospital Rooms, registered charity (no. 1168101) in England and Wales.

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