Small Babies: Big Difference

Ickle Pickles are the smallest and sickest babies who have either been born too early, or with a condition requiring intensive or surgical care. The NHS cares for over 100,000 Ickle Pickles every year in specialised neonatal units. Often these tiny babies cling to their parent’s fingers just as hard as they cling to life; holding a tiny hand provides the lifeline that helps parents and families to cope.


The Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity aims to give every new born a chance by turning donations from generous stores like yours into specialised equipment, such as incubators and ventilators, to help neonatal units provide incredible levels of care to very sick babies.





When supporting Ickle Pickles you are making a big difference for little babies in need of extra care and the amazing nursing staff who after them.


Ickle Pickles is a  Registered Charity Number 1129763