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Virtue Friday 

Share your message this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 

About Virtue Friday 

Looking to do things differently this Black Friday & Cyber Monday? You may have heard of Black Friday alternatives like Green Friday, Blue Friday and Give Back Friday already. If you are giving back during BFCM  - we want to share your message and support your store in engaging even more consumers excited about your impact. 

What's next

1. Pick 1-3 causes from 20,000+ UK Charities already on the Virtue App

2. On social, use hashtags #VirtueFriday paired with #GiveBackFriday, #GreenFriday, #BlueFriday and tag @virtue_impact as well as your cause on Instagram & Twitter to get your content re-shared by Virtue and your chosen Charity*

3. If you already know which causes you are going to support - opt-in here and we'll give them a heads up ahead of time

Picking your cause partners 

Pick 1-3 causes from 20,000+ UK Charities already on the Virtue App or add your own cause if it's not already on the platform. 

Black Friday featured Causes have already opted-in to share your content. 

Mobile Causes.png

Off-setting your carbon & plastic footprint

Our partners to off-set plastic and carbon footprint with: 

Plastic Off-setting with 7 Clean Seas - £1.3 removes 1kg of Plastic from the Ocean

Kelp reforestation with Just One Tree - carbon removal from the oceans through kelp forest regeneration

Tree-planting with Virtue's planting partners - £1 plants 1 tree helping decrease Carbon Dioxide levels


Sourceful Shopify App helps with on-demand eco-packaging for stores - check out partner deal for Virtue stores. 

Purchase carbon credits on Verra verified carbon market via Virtue [beta] - find out more here

Virtue App Features - incentivise sales with impact

Store Giving.png

Give from product sales

If you would like to give a fixed amount to a cause - check out the store giving feature. You can give from orders or products and choose which collections contribute to your causes.

Upsell with impact


This is a great way to set giving and spending milestones for your customers. The higher their cart value the more is donated to a chosen cause. Increase both - your average order value and impact for your causes.

Upsell v2.png
Customer Giving.png

Customer Donations


If you would like to give your customers the ability to give back then you could implement customer giving in your store.

Track and share your impact


Track your impact in the analytics dashboard, and share it with your customers using impact tracking widgets. 

Impact Banner.png

We look forward to being a part of your giving campaign. Head over to Virtue Shopify App to get started. If you have any questions let us know -

Virtue Team

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