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Make a difference with Virtue Impact Partners

Support our causes and let your customers choose where the donations go

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Working with change makers like you

Make a trackable impact with every purchase

Support any initiative with your brand

Choose the impact that connects with your customers:

  • Combat Climate Change

  • Protect the Oceans

  • Promote Biodiversity

  • International Development

Virtue Impact Partners
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Customers can see the impact of their purchase

With each Virtue Impact partner customers can see the direct impact of their purchase

Empower your customers

Let your customers choose where the impact is being made!

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Track your Impact over time

Customers can track the impact you have made over time:

  • Trees Planted

  • Plastic Offset

  • Meals Donated

  • Kelp Planted

  • Coral Reef Fragments Planted

  • Carbon Offset

  • Clean Water Provided

Grow Through Giving

Show your customers that you care and see the difference directly on your store


Increase in add to cart Rate


Increase in overall conversion rate


Increase in earnings per session

See our growing list of Impact Partners

Tree Planting

$0.60 plants 1 tree to combat climate change

Plastic Offsetting

$1.57 removes 1kg of certified ocean bound plastic

Coral Reef Planting

$32 plants and protects one coral reef fragment

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Wildflower Planting

$1.27 plants 20 flowers to capture carbon and protect the bees

Carbon Offsetting

$1.27 offsets 20kg of CO2 to combat climate change

Kelp Planting

$1.52 plants one kelp plant to offset carbon and protect aquatic habitats

2023 - Causes with trackable impact (6).png
Ocean Plastic Clean Up

$1 captures 100 plastic bottles worth of ocean bound plastic

Meals for Children

$1.27 provides 5 meals to children in need

Clean Water Projects

$0.85 provides 1 month of clean water to an individual

2023 - Causes with trackable impact (7).png
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