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Meet the Team


Mariya Kupriyenko 

After years of successfully leading and growing digital products across  eCommerce and retail SaaS, Mariya decided to combine her passion for CSR & tech. That was the beginning of Virtue!

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Westen MacIntosh

Westen spent 6 years in Environmental Consulting & lead growth at Hero sustainability start-up before joining the team. He is super passionate about enabling every business to do their part for the planet. 

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Liam Houlahan

Product maker and digital creator, Liam spent 9 years in SaaS entrepreneurship. We are stoked to have both his strategic and technical expertise. Liam built Virtue App. 


Alex Rowlands-Pritchard, Engineer 

Alex couldn't be more excited to join Virtue to be a part of enabling brands to be a source for good. 
He loves being a part of a company that makes a positive difference and working with a great team. 



Karuna Dusija

Karuna has lead product and strategy across major brands including Amazon and TikTok. Passionate about tech and sustainability, we are incredibly lucky to have Karuna support the team as an advisor. 


Hadar Shpivak

Hadar is an Entrepreneur and an Engineer with tones of experience leading tech startups. After his business, Fixel, was acquired, Hadar joined JFrog as VP of R&D.  We met during Techstars and couldn't be more excited to continue working together. 

and of course...


Erlich Barkman, Head of Snacks 

Erlich is a hyper-energetic Hungarian viszla pup. He is passionate about reminding us to get outside, have a snack and a play. Erlich ensures the team takes micro-breaks seriously and is always available for cuddles. 

We are excited about helping every store introduce giving into their business and be a part of making this Earth an awesome place with Virtue.  Our team is committed to CSR Innovation. 

Keen to chat? Contact our team -

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