Pledger Widgets

Here is a demo store where you can see how Pledger widgets look like

Customisations for stores using none-Shopify 2.0 themes

The customer donation widget will be styled according to your store's theme. The other widgets you can customise to reflect your brand colours and add your log to the post purchase pop up. All of this is done via the /widgets page. The font and background colours you choose will be applied to all of the widgets, except for the customer donation widget. 









Customisations for stores using Shopify 2.0 themes

Your Theme's fonts will automatically be applied to Pledger widgets. You can customise widget colours via your theme editor in Shopify. 

Customer donations / Customer + Store donations

When you choose customer giving campaign type, this is the widget that your customers will see after purchase. If you choose to support 2+ causes, our customers will be able to choose which of the available causes they want to support. If your store is also giving, the cause customers choose to donate to will also be the cause you will donate to from their purchase. If customers choose 'No thanks', store donation will be allocated to the next consecutive cause from the last cause pledged to.


1.                                                      2.                                                                     3.                                      




























Store giving only - Post Purchase Pop up 

This is the widget your customers will see after purchase of eligible products if at least one product in the order is eligible for giving.  Even if you are still evaluating Pledger as a giving partner to your Shopify store we recommend selecting a couple of Causes to see how the widget will look like in your store (don't worry the pop up will only be visible to your customers when you activate). 







Upsell with donations

See Upsell with donations section


Applying Impact Calculator to your store

Impact calculator displays the impact of your donations. You can see impact of each cause on Causes page. We recommend setting up a separate page to tell your shoppers about impact your store is making as well as embedding Pledger calculator into key content pages such as the Homepage. 

Adding to your Homepage

Head to Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize. On the Homepage select Add section, scroll to Promotional and click on Pledger Impact Calculator. Add and Save.

Impact calculator embed code for content pages

Head to Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Pages. Copy the embed code below and paste into the content of your pages via HTML view (<>).

<div id='pledger-impact' data-widget-id='impact calculator'></div>















Product Page Banner 

Tell your customers when a product they are looking at makes a positive impact & share details about your giving campaign. This widget goes below eligible products under the 'But it Now' button on Product Pages or a button in it's place. Customers see more information by clicking on the banner.





















When will Pledger widgets become visible in my store? 

Once payment details are added, donation settings are applied and causes are selected the post purchase pop up will go live. Impact calculator will be visible as soon as embedded, however, we recommend making some impact before embedding the impact calculator to be visible to your customers. 

Can't find answers in support documentation? We would love to help you get started with Pledger. Flick us an email to or use Chat (bottom right) to get hold of support.

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