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An easy way to fundraise & reach new audiences

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

If you are reading this article, it is likely because your Not-for-profit is already fundraising on Pledger. This post is here to give you a few ideas to help increase the number of donations going to your Charity this Christmas Here are a few anchors to use if you want to skip to something relevant:

Here is a quick reminder on why it is great to be fundraising on Pledger

  1. We are Free

  2. Fast sign up with our automated CPAs

  3. Long Term Fundraising

But you already knew that, so let's get to it ...


Which charities are having the most success on Pledger?

Retailers love tracking their donation impact over time, and we find that charities with a direct impact (eg, £1 fundraised = 1 Tree planted) have more charities fundraising for them. The ability to show their customers exactly how much of an impact they have made makes for great storytelling

Shopify Charity Fundraising Tracker

If you do not have a direct impact that goes with each donation, you can still take a qualitative approach. Let your stores know some of the personal stories behind their donations.

Charity Fundraising Impact


Reach out to Pledger Retailers

We are now partnered with 100+ retailers raising funds for multiple Causes.

If it is a month or week that is important for your Organisation let us know and we can let our retailers know through a number of different mediums or simply tag us in your post so we can share your news:


Bring on New Retailers

If you are messaged by smaller retailers who want to fundraise for you, it can be a large time commitment to form a new partnership. Simply send them our way and we can do it for you.

It is also worth sending out a bat signal on your social networks to any online retailers who want to fundraise. Given that having a charity impact can actually increase sales by up to 20%, many are happy to join the party!

While we are building Pledger to be on a number of different platforms, our core product offering is on Shopify - UK's fastest growing platform for on-line retailers. If any of your current followers or supporters would like to fundraise for you they can do so here via the Shopify App Store.

After installing the app, they can simply select your charity and start fundraising for you (and it only takes a few mins to install).

We are always here to support in every way -

Charity Fundraising Selection


Enable Pledger Customer Donations in your Charity's on-line store

Many Charities sell products online and we have an option for you as well. If your shop was built on Shopify. You can include our Post-Purchase Customer Donation Feature to include as part of your checkout process. This empowers your shoppers to add a donation at the end of purchase.

Simply set a recommended donation amount for your customers and we will take care of the rest.

Post Purchase Customer Donation


We are already receiving donations from online retailers

That is great! Depending on the situation you may want to recommend that they use Pledger.

You are receiving a number of donations from on-line retailers, having all of the retailers on Pledger can simplify the payment process and reduce your administrative work.

Also, the online retailers will get access to some of our tools, including our impact tracker and product widgets.

E Commerce Impact Tracking


We aren't on Pledger ... Yet

What are you waiting for?

Check out our cause page now and get going!



  1. Let us know if your donations have a direct impact

  2. Share charity stories

  3. Tell us if you have any upcoming campaigns that we should share with our stores

  4. Point new online retailers towards the Pledger App for simple fundraising

  5. Let your social media followers know that they can fundraise for you on Pledger

  6. Add the post-purchase donation app to your own online store

Happy fundraising this Christmas and beyond!

If we can support you in any way - email us at

Pledger Team


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